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Our Zukunftswerkstatt gGMBH

Our "Zukunfswerkstatt" aims to promote and implement education for sustainable development in early education facilities and elementary schools. This includes the education for careful handling of environment and nature and in connection with that a promotion of system-oriented thinking.  

We achieve this in particular through the implementation of education for sustainable development by exploring, critically examining, and imaginatively implementing driving impulses for the future from the fields of ecology, social affairs, economy, and culture together with children and families.  


Currently, for example, we deal with the ecosystem swamp forest and its importance for the region and the people, the introduction to flora and fauna of the biotope, showing measures for nature conservation of swamp forest areas the exemplary explanation of how people use nature historically and currently and the introduction to extensive use of nature and the environment.  

For this purpose, we have leased a swamp forest biotope of about 3,500 square meters directly behind our Kita outdoor area at Kätnermoor since summer 2020!  

We are the only KiTa in Hamburg that has a FöJ placement (sponsored by BUKEA). Our FöJ supports us in the realization of our goals!  



Donation account (account of the Mouse House Zukunftswerkstatt gGmbH) :  


DE04 1203 0000 1020 9409 69  


Abzeichen mit Löwenzahn
Abzeichen mit blauem Fuchs
Abzeichen mit 2 grünen Kindern, eines hält ein Blatt, das andere eine Lupe
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