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Our Concept

 Educational key aspects in all our facilities:

Education for sustainable development: ESD stands for education that enables people to think ahead and act independently. We encourage a joint learning process to integrate discovery and research-based learning into the children's everyday lives. 

We use the children's natural curiosity as motivation to explain their world and to want to make it a place worth living in. This includes the conscious use of available resources. 


Language: Bilingualism German/English – The English language is part of our everyday life according to the immersion principle through native speakers. Language education and the acquisition of communicative skills are the cornerstones of child development. 

We attach great importance to accompanying the children linguistically, through our morning circles, discussion groups and reading moments. We offer the children many situations to learn, try out and live language  


Movement: A stimulating environment and room design promotes independent discovery of the environment and personal movement activity. So, we can allow movement to become a combination of everyday self-evidence and extraordinary attraction. 

We have movement construction sites and climbing walls in our facilities, as well as our own movement room. We rent a small swimming pool once a week to help the children get used to the water, including  the completion of the swimming badge "Seepferdchen" (from the elementary area). 

We are outside every day if possible and explore our surroundings and the city of Hamburg. We also encourage direct contact with nature. 


Aesthetic education: Through a playful training of the ear and the sense of rhythm - combined with movement and free creative design - a comprehensive awakening and experience of one's own senses is promoted. Various materials are always available to the children. 

Singing circles, in which the children are motivated to participate and make decisions, are an integral part of our everyday life, as well as a wide range of offers to express their own creativity. 

What else makes us special:

  • Working in partnership with parents

  • Parent-child excursions and celebrations

  • Project work

  • Integrated preschool

  • permanent groups and main carers 

Preschool work
In our preschool work, we want to offer children a protected and nurturing living environment in which they can further develop their individual, social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills.

Experienced pedagogical staff will accompany your child with commitment and passion in the transition year until school.

Special focus is placed on:

  • Self-confidence and personal responsibility

  • Curiosity, interest and a thoughtful approach

  • Enthusiasm and the joy of exploring

  • Criticism and judgment skills

  • Empathy, a willingness to help and consideration

  • Ability to communicate and handle conflicts

  • Assertiveness as well as the ability to adapt within the group

  • Play, phantasy, and creativity

  • Language skills

Of course, the contents of our work are in accordance with the Hamburg educational recommendations. 

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