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Our facility

The facility at Wiesendamm includes 3 groups, a nursery with children aged between 11 months up to 3 years, an elementary group with children aged 3 years to 5 years, and a preschool group.

We take part in the kindergarten -voucher system in Hamburg.  

Our facility is spread over 2 floors. On the lower floor is the nursery - our Fleetmäuse.  

The nursery includes a group room with a play loft and all kinds of toys, as well as a movement room inviting children to play and discover. After lunch the room is changing to a sleep room, where every child has their own space to take a nap. Our child-friendly bathroom includes a large changing unit as well as children's toilets and a sink.  

On the upper floor is our elementary and preschool area - the Alstermäuse and Elbmäuse.  

It is also equipped with a group room including a play loft, a movement room with various uses and climbing walls, as well as an outdoor terrace for playing and romping.  

 On our outdoor area, there is a large sandbox with various playground equipment such as our climbing tower with slide bar and of course sand toys as well as Bobbycars to race against.  

 In the immediate vicinity are spacious playgrounds such as the Osterbeck playground, but also the city park is within walking distance.  

The preschool group as well as the oldest children of the elementary group can participate in swimming lessons and to learn how to play the flute. 

Opening hours:

 Monday- Friday: 7.30 am – 5.00 pm  

Type of care:

nursery , elementary  and preschool 


Wiesendamm 24, 22305 Hamburg

Here you will find us:

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